L+F Wedding // Photobooth for #FideLeon Wedding: Phooth SG

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


PHOOTH! Get it? Photo and Booth = Phooth!

I've emailed about 6-7 photobooth companies to check for rates and compared package value before we settled for Phooth because their rates were simply way way way too attractive!

Their follow-up service is great too, Carol from Phooth was very clear and aware of the whole wedding timeline and followed-up with me periodically on the photobooth backdrop we wanted, our personalized photobooth printouts templates and what she and her team of 5 require on the actual wedding day so we could prepare and notify the hotel well in advance and we never felt  out of the loop or unaware of what to do etc with PhoothSG!

Thumbs up for Phooth!


Everybody seems to be having lots of fun with the Photobooth too, I was still wondering and asking Carol if I needed to prepare any of my own photobooth props and Carol assured me that they have plenty of props for people to play with on the wedding day and to be honest i was BLOWN AWAY by the amount of super fun props they had!

I've been to so many blogger events and seen so many photobooths and I'm almost always bored/awkward with the props provided, but Phooth had none of the boo boo boring signs props but really fun stuff like these!

I'm squeezing my hubbay's BOOBIES for a change while chugging BOOZE!!! Freaking love it.
This is the photo of the moment on my desk right now. hahaha

Oh the photo prints template was designed by James Chiam, and he designed a whole collection of wedding papergoods for our wedding as well and i'll be blogging about that separately!

My lovely (and ultra important if not i would not have survived the day) bridesmaids with Rilaaaa~

Of course it gets even more awesome that we hired a guy for my Rilakkuma mascot that Leon bought and hand-carried all the way from his concert tour in china and re-proposed to be with at Switch a couple month's back, everybody wanted a photo with the Star of the night hahaha Rilakumaaaaaa!

Lotsa booze chugging going on that fateful night, 3 of our groomsmen (1 of them MIA from this shot!), Jet and his little girl etc!

LOL our wedding band Ywenna + Fatt who's flaunting his titties but way to shy to show his face apparently!

With all my favorite girls!! (:

Seriously, every cent was worth it because for once I actually felt that the photobooth was super fun and awesome, everyone seems to be having fun too!

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